product warranty


Product warranty


  • Clean gently using a soft, clean, and dry cloth. If necessary, use a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using products with solvents or abrasives as they may damage the finish of the piece.
  • Don’t rub.
  • Do not use oils or similar substances for cleaning as materials such as clay, marble or wood may be permanently stained.


Lighting Products

  • We suggest that any electrical connection be performed by qualified and specialized personnel. 
  • For indoor use only. 
  • Do not connect to electricity until the product is completely assembled. 
  • Use only indicated LED bulbs.


  • For indoor use only.
  • Handle with care.
  • To prevent scratches, avoid contact with sharp objects.
  • To prevent stains on surfaces, use coasters for drinks or liquid containers.


All our products have a 12-month warranty for manufacturing defects. To request more information about warranties, please send an email to

Any issue regarding your product must be reported within the first 10 natural days after the courier company has delivered the product to the indicated address. In case your pieces need to return to our facilities due to defects or damage, all transportation costs will be fully covered by Distrito Bandido.

We determine whether the piece was damaged during use or due to a manufacturing defect through photographic documentation and later physical analysis at Distrito Bandido’s facilities.

The warranty will not be valid for the following reasons:

  • Misuse or use under conditions other than usual.
  • When the product has not been operated according to the instructions for use accompanying it.
  • Alterations or repairs by persons not authorized by Distrito Bandido.

Distrito Bandido will not take returns or product exchanges for reasons outside the company, such as the customer’s lack of attention to the information provided by Distrito Bandido (technical data sheets, quotes, and website).


Distrito Bandido undertakes to deliver pieces under a high-quality standard, all our products are handmade. It is important to consider that processes, finishes, textures, shapes, colors, and dimensions may have minimal variation.

The weight, dimensions, and materials of each product are specified in the technical data sheets attached to each quote. For more information, please send an email to

Distrito Bandido.