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It is a mineral composed mainly of silica. Due to its translucent nature, it is used as a light diffuser, accentuating its geological composition.

Given their natural composition, these materials may exhibit inherent variations in color, shape, texture, and size.

material variations

Care and maintenance


  • To clean, use a microfiber cloth with a neutral solution of warm water and mild soap. Subsequently, remove all moisture with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • For tough spots, use a soft-bristled brush.
  • Immediately clean up any spills and dust accumulation on the material to prevent stains.
  • DO NOT use fibers, as they may remove or scratch the material’s finish.
  • DO NOT use alkaline cleaners, as they may cause discoloration and/or stains on the material.
  • DO NOT use cleaning products containing acids such as vinegar, ammonia, or bathroom cleaners, as they deteriorate and alter the appearance of the material.
  • DO NOT use oil-based products like furniture polish or cleaners, as they may change the material’s finish, creating permanent stains on the surface.

Installation Precautions

Lighting products

  • When performing any electrical installation, switch off the main electrical switch.
  • It is recommended that the installation be carried out by 2 people.
  • Handle the product and materials with care. They can break, chip, crack, or shatter easily.
  • If any component is damaged during the installation process, contact us for additional support regarding replacement parts.
  • Any abnormalities in the luminaire components, please contact the brand for additional support.
  • For wall-mounted luminaires, ensure correct leveling of the mounting bracket for proper alignment of the product.
  • DO NOT use adhesives, as these products may cause discoloration of the material and/or permanent changes in the finish appearance.
  • Remove the lamp protection only at the end of the installation, as friction with other materials may cause scratches on the piece’s finish and dents in the material.

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