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A natural material derived from tree trunks, composed of cellulose fibers bonded with lignin. It is a versatile material onto which various products can be applied to achieve different finishes.

Given their natural composition, these materials may exhibit inherent variations in color, shape, texture, and size.

material variations

Black Oak


Care and maintenance


  • To clean, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all dust from the surface.
  • For adding shine, use special wood products like hydrating oils, which can be applied with a soft sponge.
  • DO NOT use cleaning products containing acids such as vinegar, ammonia, or bathroom cleaners, as they deteriorate and alter the appearance of the material.
  • DO NOT use commercial wood cleaning products, as they may cause discoloration or permanent stains on the material.
  • DO NOT expose the material continuously to sunlight, as it may fade and undergo changes in composition (cracks or shape alteration).
  • DO NOT expose the material to water or steam, as this may cause changes in the material’s composition and lead to deformations.
  • If the piece becomes moist, immediately remove all moisture with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • For personalized advice on which products to use for the proper maintenance of this material, please contact the brand for personalized assistance.

Installation Precautions

Lighting products

  • When performing any electrical installation, switch off the main electrical switch.
  • It is recommended that the installation be carried out by 2 people.
  • Handle the product and materials with care. They can break, chip, crack, or shatter easily.
  • If any component is damaged during the installation process, contact us for additional support regarding replacement parts.
  • Any abnormalities in the luminaire components, please contact the brand for additional support.
  • For wall-mounted luminaires, ensure correct leveling of the mounting bracket for proper alignment of the product.
  • DO NOT use adhesives, as these products may cause discoloration of the material and/or permanent changes in the finish appearance.
  • Remove the lamp protection only at the end of the installation, as friction with other materials may cause scratches on the piece’s finish and dents in the material.

More Information

Professional and personalized Assistance